Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ryan Kingslien Gnomonology Tutorial Review

Well I am proud to say that I may be one of the first people to complete the series of videos, "Sculpting a Female Bust", and all I can say is "Wow". Ryan lends his insight about sculpting and blocking in the forms and details of the female face, as well as how to create beautiful, natural looking hair from another subtool. We get a chance to watch a real master at work as Ryan demonstrates and extensively explains his work-flow and use of tools

Ryan truly has an extensive artistic and technical knowledge of 3D sculpting. The 4 videos were well worth my $12. I will be watching them again soon, and as I sculpt my next busts.

Congrats Ryan, and I hope to see a lot more Gnomon videos in the future! Truly priceless information!

Sculpting a Female Bust

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