Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Recent Work

Hey Everyone. Its been awhile since I had a chance to post some newer work. I was pretty busy all summer interning at Sputnik Animation, and sort of taking a break from 3D after an intense semester at Gnomon. But now I'm back, final year at Springfield, and the 3D work is starting to crank up. I am in a Video Game Design class working as a environment/prop modeler and texture artist. I am also starting to work on a short animation exploring the interrelationships between surreal Dali pieces. Should be interesting. Anyway, here are some game assets I have created for the game design classes test level. Any crits are appreciated.


PIX said...

Nice textures dude.

MrT said...

Hey Matt,

Nice work there. Just checking up on my blogger account to make some updates and followed my dashboard links to you. Keep up the great work!

MrT said...

BTW what font are your titles in? Nice touch.